What is a Content Farm, and is it a bad thing?


Why are some Youtube Channels considered a content farm while others aren’t?


And please explain in layman terms, I know NOTHING about this.

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Content farm is a term used to describe companies that use a large number of freelancers to generate large amounts of low effort content (spam articles, YouTube top 10 videos,…)

It’s a negative term as it denotes their content as low quality.

Imagine that you are trying to look for something and you only find click baits. That’s a result of content farms.

As long as you click on it they make advertising revenue and by flooding the web with large amounts of it they make a lot of money and you can’t find a good quality source.

While content farms are considered spammy and get associated with enemy state funded troll farms and other forms of misinformation campaign, a lot of them are benign nonsense. Lots of young people get their first jobs freelancing at content farms, for instance musicians making jingles for ads. It’s good exp for getting a real industry job. AI will eliminate these opportunities.