What is a crystal vibration and how does it work?



Example: I recently purchased a Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite) crystal. It came with a details/facts card and one of said things is, “Vibration: 9”. It was among a list of facts like, “Chakra: Heart Chakra” and “Zodiac Sign: Libra”.

In: Physics

In that context it’s a made up thing.

Crystals can be made to vibrate by electronic means, it’s the heart of digital timekeepers of all kinds.

In this case the crystals “vibration” is made up mumbo jumbo. It’s part of a loose belief system where crystals have natural vibrations they can pass onto things in their surroundings, and that a human “in the know” can pick and choose which crystals to wear or have around their home to maximize certain feelings (love, calm, energetic, etc.).

Extreme examples of this belief find people believing crystals can ward off evil or vibrate at a frequency that gives them good luck. However, the belief system is so loose that if you try to find information on what a crystal does, you’ll often get conflicting information from different sources, or only vague descriptions that only sort of overlap.

It’s not real. All ‘benefits’ are the placebo effect.

Crystal vibration is fake, It’s all just made up nonsense. Chakra’s are nonsense, zodiac signs are also nonsense. It’s superstition.

You bought a very pretty rock that won’t heal you or make you happier, healthier, or luckier. It’s just a rock. Someone randomly chose a number, and that number was 9. It means nothing.