What is artificial meat made up of and how is it created?


What is artificial meat made up of and how is it created?

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It depends on what you’re talking about.

If you’re talking about vegetarian/vegan artificial meat, it’s basically a meat flavoured cake with a relatively close texture to meat (not aways though).

If you’re talking about the grown lab meat, it’s meat that didn’t grew in an animal. Simply put, your cells grow when exposed to the right things (food, hormones, stress,…) so people expose animals cells to the said things, the cells duplicates over and over to create a steak.

You have two kinds of artificial meat:

* Plant-based synthetic meat, which is made from various plant proteins that are structurally similar to the muscle tissue that makes up real meat.

* Genuine artificial meat (which is not yet commercially available – last I read about it researchers had successfully produced the equivalent of food-safe ground beef, but the production costs were around $200 for a burger), often also known as cultured meat. Cultured meat is made by taking tissue/cell samples from animals and then growing muscle cells in a lab. This is essentially artificially-produced real meat – it has all the same components, but is grown in a lab rather than in an animal.

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