What is bandwagoning?


What is bandwagoning?

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At its simplest, it’s embarking on an idea, opinion, or thought process because it’s the popular one, not necessarily because it’s the correct one.

Becoming a fan of a sports team only while they are winning. As opposed to a fan that supports a team if they win or lose, a bandwagoner sees a winning team and decides that’s the team the want to support.

You remember when your mom said, “if everybody else jumped off a cliff would you jump too?”? Bandwagon is the idea that you should do it because lots of other people do it. It’s a frequent marketing tactic. “Don’t you wish you were a Pepper too?”

It’s when a concept and its popularity is imagined as a wagon, a physical object. The more popular the concept, the more people jump on the wagon, and the more inviting the wagon looks to others who may jump on.

Kind of like a snowball rushing down a mountain, except with regard to a particular societal or economic or political circumstance.

Mob mentality.

Bandwagoning is when you start supporting something just because it’s popular or everyone else is doing it. Like, if you suddenly start liking a football team because they’re winning and all your friends like them too.