What is different about mobile banks to traditional banks?


I get the fact that mobile banks are all done via the internet and apps but is that the only difference? With my traditional bank I can do almost all my daily banking via its app? So why would I switch to a mobile bank apart from the fact I get a cool looking card?

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Internet-only banks aren’t new actually. They’ve been around since the early 2000s

Generally the value the offer to customers is slightly higher interest rates in savings accounts, CDs, and such.

Since they don’t have any physical locations, generally the cost for them to operate is lower than a traditional bank, so they offer slightly better rates to incentivize you to use them.

That’s really their “benefit” is just slightly higher interest rates for their customers savings accounts.

In the early 2000s when it started, some of these upstart internet-only banks were offering insane stuff like 5% interest rates, that fizzeled out quickly and now they just offer a bit more than a traditional bank.

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