What is distributism?


What is distributism?

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Imagine you have a bunch of toys that you love to play with. Distributism is like saying that instead of just one person having all the toys and not sharing them with anyone else, everyone should have a fair chance to have their own toys to play with.

Distributism is about making sure that more people have their own things, like houses, farms, or businesses, instead of just a few people having everything. It’s like sharing toys with your friends so that everyone gets a turn to play and have fun.

It also means that decisions should be made by the people who are closest to a problem or situation. It’s like if you and your friends were playing a game, you would decide together how to play and what to do, instead of one person telling everyone what to do.

Distributism wants to create a world where more people can have their own things and make decisions together, so that everyone can be happy and have a fair chance to succeed.