What is emotional dumping?



What is emotional dumping?

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Emotional dumping means using someone as a receptacle for your feelings. If you’re really sad or mad about something and you just *need* to let it out, you might end up dumping on one of your friends.

Now, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to talk about your feelings to people. It’s healthy to get people’s permission before doing this, like “Do you mind if I vent a bit about something that’s bothering me?” It’s healthy for people to do this reciprocally, for each other.

Dumping usually means not doing these healthy things. It’s usually one-sided and it’s usually done without asking.

Emotional dumping happens when someone unloads emotional issues onto another person without asking about the other person’s emotional state or general availability/readiness to listen. The person who’s doing the emotional dumping hogs the conversation/friendship/relationship and may even refuse to own up to their mistakes and deflect sound advice (victim mentality). It’s essentially what healthy venting shouldn’t be.