What is happening in our body when we faint?


What is happening in our body when we faint?

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I fainted twice, first was in August of 2003. Cause was dehydration, also it was hot and stuffy in the room where we were visiting my sister who just had her baby…

Other time was in April of 2018, cause low potassium and just over exerting myself the previous week. I had gotten maybe 20 hours of sleep (instead of 40 to 50 like I should have had) the previous week…we moved and I worked overnights

First time I remember feeling fuzzy, like I had stood up too quickly, but it didnt become clearer. I know I sat down, and also felt dizzy as they wheeled me to the get checked out. I’m sure I had an IV fluids and vitals checked

Last time, I was at work, sitting with a client of mine in the hospital. I started to feel warm and had the tingly feeling creeping up my neck. I sat down and got a drink hoping that would help. Then I started to get the stood up too quickly feeling and everything started to get black and fuzzy. The nurse attending to my client asked if I was okay, and I remember saying I didnt feel good…next thing i remember is there was 2 or 3 nurses around me asking questions. I went down to ICU and had EKG and blood work. I called my supervisor to explain what happened and he said I sounded fine like nothing happened…

I’m sure its different feelings for everyone or depending on the causes.
Was this the kind of answer you were looking for?

Edit: the nurse also said I lost the color in my face (4/18 incident)
And I remember a 3rd experience…at the dentist office, just had a molar pulled and they sat me up…color left face, felt the blackness overcoming me, and dental assistant ran to get me soda and a candy bar. She thought my blood sugar was bottoming out. I dont think I fully passed out, but it was weird having to eat with gauze in my mouth and the dental staff telling me to have soda…but the rest if the day I still felt the fuzzy feeling like I had just woke up from a nap

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