What is happening when sinus pressure slowly builds in one nostril when laying down?


Conversely, what is happening when you flip over and the pressure slowly releases (sometimes with a “pop”), and then you feel the other side fill up? However, you never have mucus build up that can be blown out.

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The pressure is not necessarily caused by mucus. Part of it is mucus, but mostly it’s caused by the nasal passages getting inflamed. Even when you’re healthy, you have a “high flow” nostril, and a “low flow” nostril. You can check right now by sniffing with them one at a time. Which nostril is which changes throughout the day, but is usually unnoticed. Until you get sick, and the low flow nostril clogs completely.

Also your sinus cavity is like a bunch of the area between your eyes and the roof of your mouth. Stuff moves to the side.

But oh man when both are clogged and you lay on your side and that feeling when it clears the top one..


What if one is always restricted, I swear my left is never getting enough air. No mucus or anything