What is Hebbian Learning?



This is the definition of Hebbian Learning from Wikipedia –

Hebbian theory is a neuroscientific theory claiming that an increase in synaptic efficacy arises from a presynaptic cell’s repeated and persistent stimulation of a postsynaptic cell. It is an attempt to explain synaptic plasticity, the adaptation of brain neurons during the learning process.

Can someone give an explanation for his and perhaps an example?

Says in school, we’re learning about events in American history(the learning process). Is Hebbian theory saying that learning occurs when dopamine(neurotransmitter pre synaptic post synaptic) is released? I guess dopamine could be released from being excited to learn the material or getting a trivia question correctly.

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No, it is just saying that one neuron continually signaling another strengthens (accelerates) the path between the two nerons. The first transmitter can be reacting to any neurotransmitter (seratonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, etc,etc). Basically repetition of a signal strengthens the signal regardless of the cause.