What is hyper normalisation?


What is hyper normalisation?

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Normalisation is “getting used to stuff”. Carrying around a super-computer in your pocket didn’t used to be the norm. Now we’re used to it.

“Hyper-” just means “too much”.

When someone is talking about hyper-normalization, they’re worried about people getting used to stuff that they shouldn’t be. liiiiiiiike, swearing (my father claims drunks in bars didn’t swear when he was a kid. …How often did you hang out with drunks in bars when you were a kid dad? You were a rural farmboy!) Or politicians lying. Or bikinis. Or being sensitive about your tone. …Pretty much it’s a fancy term for old people complaining about how society is changing.

hypernormalization is a term coined by alexei yurchak to describe a social condition in which a people have become so thoroughly propagandized that patently obvious dysfunction, such as lying, corruption, inefficiency, and death have become so normalized (“hypernormalized”) that people can’t effectively question them, as they’ve lost the ability to imagine a world that was any different. this state of belief effectively neutralizes a society’s ability to understand, and therefore to rectify, its own problems.

from the introduction of a BBC documentary on this topic:

> We live in a world where the powerful deceive us. We know they lie, they know we know they lie, they don’t care. We say we care, but we do nothing. And nothing ever changes. It’s normal. Welcome to the post-truth world.