– What is indole, and what does it mean when you produce too much?


I know someone who smells a particular way, which research has lead me to understand that they’re producing more indole than most people.

I have tried researching what it is, and what it means when your body produces higher amounts of it. Apparently I’m not smart enough to understand.

Thanks in advance!

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Indole is a chemical and it has a smell. It is a very common material in perfumery in tiny, tiny, *tiny* amounts.

People do not really produce it outside of their bodies; your research is wrong.

So this is me googling this a bit quickly lol. Insole is an aromatic compound, fancy chemistry word for carbons holding “hands” in a ring with other stuff stuck on and the result as a whole smells. Nature is full of these they’re actually key to making artificial scents and flavors. Scientists find they main smelly boy say in strawberries and then make that in a lab.

Indole specifically is created by bacteria and seems to have a lot of uses inside the bacteria. At least some bacteria that make indole live in our guts and many good bacteria there make this chemical. Interestingly, it seems bacteria making this compound plays a role in our guts protective lining. (I don’t fully understand the details myself ngl.)

I’m not entirely sure what it means when there’s too much, when I Google it I’m getting a lot of papers about mood and liver health. HOWEVER, the science on how our gut biome affects us is so new I don’t feel comfortable saying whether it does based on some abstracts (basically summaries at the start of the paper) I’m skimming at 7am lol