What is Manifest v2 and v3, and what’s the difference?

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I’ve been hearing a lot lately about adblockers having to shut down due to chrome rolling out Manifest V3 for their extensions, but I can’t seem to find a good explanation to what that is.

Any clarification is appreciated!

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Google is changing the rules by which browser extensions operate. Version 3 is more restrictive in some ways. This prevents ad-blockers from performing all the necessary work in order to block ads as well as they could do in version 2. It’s like if your employer told you that you could only work for 3 hours per day from now on. That would limit your productivity. So if your work is to exterminate rats, you may no longer be able to kill all the rats by the end of the work day. Likewise, some ads on websites will not be blocked in version 3.