What is Red40 and why is it bad?

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As title says, saw a video recently of a guy in public with a bottle of red40 and blue something, gave it to someone who proceeded chugged it. The comments frequently mentioned how it was bad.

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Red 40 is a very common red food dye approved in both the US and EU. There have been some questions over its safety but currently the regulators don’t consider there’s enough evidence to justify a ban.

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iirc there is a weak link between it and ADHD, but no clear, definite link yet. As well as with anything people can be allergic or hypersensitive to it.

For most people though you need to consume tens to hundreds of times the amount the average person consumes to even get close to the recommended maximum daily intake.

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Red40 is a type of food coloring made from
petroleum that is known for causing allergic reactions, migraines and mental disorders in children. This however is apparently not scientifically proven and the dye is deemed safe (enough) to use by the European Free Trade Organization. But there was a controversy surrounding Red Nr 3, which is banned in Europe, and recently also in California. It made Skittles temporarily not sell anything over there, because they had to change the ingredients because they used red dye nr 3. So maybe people confuse the two?

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It makes my kids so hyper it’s literally like they’re on a stimulant. That’s enough for my family to avoid it. My research: give them Doritos with red 40 and they’re bouncing off the walls.. don’t give them anything with red 40 and they’re normal.