What is Spatial Audio?


What is Spatial Audio?

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depends but it usually relates to sound being related to spots around you.

in sound systems it’s the adaptation of the speaker output to sound best where you’re sitting

in video games it’s the change of volume and direction audio emitters such as other players or radios are received from. like if you were in a game you could hear a radio far away louder in your left than right or you could hear a player whispering in your left ear on your left side or someone walking near your left on your left


It’s using math to make sound be more realistic.

For theaters, it’s baking in location coordinates into the sound rather than speaker coordinates. And based on which speakers you have (layout templates, not each room’s specific layout/positioning), the sound is routed/split to the appropriate speakers.

For video games & music thru headphones, it’s using HRTFs to make it sound more around you rather than sound like 2 tiny speakers on/in your ears.

Another aspect is head tracking, where gyroscopes are used to anchor sounds relative to the screen you are watching. So if you are watching a movie (encoded with Dolby Atmos) and turn to your right, the dialogue will now come out of your left ear. For movies it is a gimmick, but for video games it’d be pretty great.