what is stratification of soil?


For a uni project, the context is archeology. I know it has something to do with water in the soil, but google is giving me gobbledygook.

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Stratification is the layers.

So starting from the top going down it might be 2 inches topsoil with roots, 12 inches soil, 20 inches clay, 50 inches sand, etc.

If you take an empty cylinder and drive it into the ground with a drill rig you can take core samples down to whatever depth and classify the substrate according to accepted geology practices as fine sand, gravely clay, whatever.

People are normally interested in drilling monitoring well or water wells and in either case know which depths are more sand and transport water and other liquids helps you determine what you should do for well construction. You often want a solid well shaft down to over 15 ft and then below the next good clay layer is a good spot to start slotted well that let’s water in. You don’t want surface water because it’s not safe to drink and/or will distort your monitoring data and clay layers are good barriers to keep surface water out.

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This link provides a decent explanation of stratigraphy from the archaeological perspective: https://thearchaeologicalbox.com/importance-of-stratigraphy-in-archaeology/