What is that sound or where does it comes from when you move your head and your neck is going “knarr knarr” ( kinda the sound when you walk on dry snow). And why is it there, sometimes?


Right now I have shoulder and neck issues and this sound is making me wonder these questions.

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I have the same issue after i hurt my shoulder due to a jump while playing volleyball.

i was once at the doc and he gave me something like muscle relaxant but it didnt really help. I still have it but i consider going to the doc again beause i think i get headache from it

A slight educated guess – I suspect it is due to the joints moving.

You have stuff called ‘synovial fluid’ in your joints that’s basically like oil, sometimes when you ‘crack’ your joints, this is air/gas bubbles popping.

Your joints still can rub against eachother which can cause this noise.

It is Crepitus ([wikipedia page](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crepitus)) which is where we get “decrepit”.

[Decrepit](https://www.etymonline.com/word/decrepit) (adj.) “broken down in health, weakened, especially by age,”

me too man, this shit is driving me nuts.

I can barely sleep since every position seems to put some kind of pressure on neck or shoulder.

No matter how much I stretch it keeps cracking away