What is the correlation between bad handwriting (penmanship) and autism spectrum disorders?


I am on the spectrum and throughout my scholastic career, I have noticed that the other students in special education classes like myself generally had terrible or illegible handwriting, particularly us on the spectrum.

What does that have the do with?

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Autism can impact a wide variety of things which in turn can impact handwriting. People on the spectrum can have issues with proprioception (an awareness of the body’s position and movement in space) and difficulty or delayed motor control skills – both fine and gross.

Another issue is that there is a correlation between being on the spectrum and things like hypermobility which would make it more difficult to learn to write using the standard methods or even just writing for long periods of time in general.

And then there’s that autistic children tend to have a lot of difficulty paying attention to and focusing on things that don’t interest them, so I’m sure at least some of what you’re seeing is the students just doing the bare minimum to develop their handwriting to avoid being fussed at and leaving it at that.