What is the cultural significance of mangoes in India and Pakistan?


I know mangoes are the national fruit of the two countries, but when mangoes are brought up with Pakistani or Indian students that I know, it’s almost as if tne fruit is revered.

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Mangoes are indigenous to South Asia and initially, the major producers were just India and Pakistan. Later it was grown in other countries like Mexico. Because of being the major producers, Pakistanis and Indians became very proud of the mangoes, which continues to this day.

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They taste really good and are relatively common fruits in that part of the world. Beer is a big deal in Germany, cheese is a big deal in Wisconsin, Scotch is important in Scotland, etc.

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Idk about Pakistan.. but we .. especially those from the Indian state of Maharashtra hold mango very dear because it is one of the very few things that puts us on the global agricultural map. Alphonso mango from Maharashtra is so much in demand in the world that we Maharashtrians barely get the top produce. The farmers absolutely don’t want to sell it here and would export their entire produce. Also mangoes are very sensitive to rains and hence countries where they don’t have a ‘rainy’ season cannot grow high quality mangoes and thus we know that we aren’t gonna be displaced from that position soon. So we hold on to it.

Also it tastes pretty great imo. The only fruit I like better is guava. I’d also rate strawberry below mango.