what is the difference between a proposition and a proposal


what is the difference between a proposition and a proposal

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Not much. Prop is more often verbal and proposal is more often written/well laid out in detail and thought. informal vs formal.

A proposition is basically an opinion towards an action. A proposal is a plan or recommendation to others about an action.

“proposition” is a word with a lot of meanings.

It can mean proposal (especially in a political or business setting). But in an academic setting it’s an opinion/judgement.

Generally the difference is that a proposition is a “This is how we should do it” while a proposal is “This is how we could do it”


In everyday vernacular, a proposal is suggesting a way to do something to others to come to an agreement on the way to do it and a proposition is suggesting to someone to do something that can be beneficial to them, you, or both.

For example, if you needed, like, a deck built. Your buddy came over to help and you’re talking about how to go about it. You would propose an idea as how to do it. If you wanted your buddy’s help and they didn’t already offer it and are willing to give them something to help, you would offer a proposition to trade that something for their help.

One is offered in verbal form and the other is in written form, but now both are used in conversation. 🤷🏽‍♂️

If you are talking with a prospective partner, a proposition refers to an agreement to engage in sexual acts; a proposal usually refers to an offer of marriage.