What is the difference between being drunk and high


What is the difference between being drunk and high

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It depends on the substance you’re high on. Ethanol has a certain action in the brain, different chemicals affect the brain in different ways. The term “high” just means “under the influence of a drug,” so it can means a lot of different things.

The difference lies on cognitive abilities, reflexes, and judgment. When you drunk all that processes are impaired, while being high can still think (irrationally) and have slower reaction time.

Also asking sexual consent while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not consensual in most states.

For me with weed I got a light floaty feeling, my thoughts would become a little bit faster, but harder to remember. I used to get the giggles as well, and certain things are just really funny for no particular reason. As for the come up, for me, it steadily rises for about 20-30mins, then levels out for the next hour or so, and then gradually comes down for the next hour.

I had similar effects with hallucinogens as well, and I would see fractal patterns, flashes of random colors, and objects melting into their backgrounds. All of my sense would becom amplified as well so a tactile sensation would become really intense, like a soft blanket would feel extra soft, food tasted better, my hearing would be so strong I could have a conversation in whispers across a room and still hear everything, ECT. Certain hallucinogens last longer then others as well depending on body weight and metabolism, but between me and my friends it seemed to last at least 6hrs. The effects always came in waves, so I would come up a little bit, then come down, then come up a bit higher, come back down, and that continues till you “peak”, at the peak shit gets weird and your going to have the most intense part of the trip, then you start to have the waves again except this time your coming down more and more between each rise. Then when I finally came down to a level where the effects weren’t really noticeable I would feel mentally and physically exhausted and need to sleep for awhile, like 10-12 hrs.

With drinking its more like a wash of warmth through my body, motor skills become less precise, my thoughts become slower, my body becomes numb to it’s surroundings. I still have tactile sensation, but it’s definitely toned down. If I drink to much I’ll get the spins really bad, when I close my eyes I feel like I’m just swirling around, I’ll rock from side to side to keep it from overwhelming me, I don’t know why it helps me but it does. I also have to urinate alot when I drink, and I feel a bit more sober after I do pee. That’s what it’s like for me when I drink liquor, if I drink beer I just feel sleepy to be honest, I can’t drink enough fast enough to actually get drunk on beer.

That’s how it feels for me, but everyone’s body chemistry is different, so the effects may not be same for you as it is for me.

One state is achieved by drinking alcohol. The other is achieved by taking other drugs. That’s it.