What is the difference between hip-hop and rap?


What is the difference between hip-hop and rap?


Hip hop is a genre of music.
Rap is a lyrical style.

(I stole this from somewhere but can’t remembwr my source)

It’s like asking whats the difference between Rock and guitar playing.
Hip hop is the amalgamation of rap, breaking, DJ’ing, graffiti etc.
Rap is something you do. Hip hop is something you live.

Rap is one of Hip-Hop “styles”. Beatbox is also Hip-Hop. Rap is, let me put it like that – a tighter description op Hip-Hop. Like cars: you can have just a car, but a tighter description would be that you have an electric car.

Old dickhead backpacker from the 90s here.

HipHop is the culture. Break dancing, graffiti, rapping, djing, beatboxing, fashion, knowledge of self etc all make parts of the culture. It has its own shiboleths, style and gatekeepers. Rap is just one aspect of Hip Hop.

It’s like being a metal head or punk rocker. You can listen to metal, but that doesn’t make you a metal head.