What is the difference between meth and cocaine?


They both are stimulants and seem to work as NDRIs. But cocaine purportedly lasts shorter and is less euphoric and addictive than meth. So what is it that makes them different?

Edit: what are their pharmacological differences?

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They are different chemical compounds. One is processed from a plant and the other is ‘cooked’ by mixing many different chemicals together. And I don’t know where anyone got the idea that meth is euphoric but I’ve never felt that or heard it described by anyone that way. I can’t speak to cocaine but my observations of those using it would lead me to believe that cocaine is by far more euphoric.

The term “stimulant” is reductive to the point of near meaninglessness. That same term covers everything from caffeine to meth without actually describing the differences. Trying to understand them both from that description is like trying to understand the difference between jazz and hip hop by saying they’re both “music”. Basically, all they have in common is that they keep you awake & make your heart race. Beyond that, they’re very different drugs.