what is the difference between red & blue 3D glasses and grey lenses 3D glasses?


what is the difference between red & blue 3D glasses and grey lenses 3D glasses?

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The red&blue glasses use color filtering to direct slightly different images into each eye to produce the 3D effect. The grey lenses use polarized/unpolarized light filtering to do the same.

Red/blue and polarised 3d systems use different technologies to achieve the 3d effect, but work on the same principle.

The idea is that because your eyes are a few inches apart, they see very subtly different things – so to create a 3d image we want to show each eye a slightly different picture that our brains will then combine together into a 3d image – exactly like it does with a real life scene.

Red/blue glasses do this with coloured filters – two images are shown at the same time, one printed in red, one in blue. When you look through a blue filter, this is the same colour as the blue drawing, which means you cannot see the blue image, only the red one. Look through a red filter and it blocks the red image, and you can only see the blue.
Place one filter over each eye, and each eye will see a different picture, which can be slightly different to let them combine as 3d.

The downside to this is that your pictures become funny coloured monochrome images and just look a bit strange.

The grey glasses that they use in a lot of cinemas use the same technique of showing two images at the same time, but instead of blue/red filters, they use a trick called polarisation. Polarisation of light is to do with the way the light waves are orientated, and is normally something we cannot see. What we can do though is make screens/projectors that can display an image in a certain polarity. If we display two images using different polarities, then wear glasses that have filters to block one polarity of light each, we can do the same as before – display two images at the same time, and using glasses allow each eye to see one and block the other, forming the 3d image.

Red/blue 3D glasses are an outdated way of doing 3D. Modern 3D is done with polarized glasses. Grey lenses are the polarized lenses. These glasses are designed to block out all light except what is coming from the display, allowing for the 3D effect.