What is the No Surprise Billing Act?

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What is the No Surprise Billing Act? Can someone also provide an example of this.

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Insurance doesn’t like paying for people that aren’t in their network. You go to a hospital that is in-network and even make sure your surgeon is in-network, but the anesthesiologist isn’t in-network so now your insurance charges you tens of thousands of dollars.

This bill is supposed to end these surprises (having no control of secondary people’s network status; it also covers a lot of emergency situations).

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An analogy:

I means that you no longer get individual bills from subcontractors who worked on your home, and instead they are paid by the general contractor who you hired to fix your home, and you only have to deal with a single bill from the general contractor.

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What used to happen is you’d go do a doctor that was In-Network for your insurance. Schedule an Operating Room at a hospital that is In-Network. But then little did you know (because you were unconscious on the operating table) was some test was sent off to some lab that was Out-of-Network. Then when all the bills came in, you had some sky-high expenses due to some work being done that your insurance didn’t cover that you literally had no way of controlling.

The No Suprise Billing Act put a limit on this practice and made it so you’re not allowed to be charged more than in-network rate for out-of-network expenses unless you’re notified before hand. It also made other changes to stop similar practices.