What is the payroll code “(OB – Obnoxious Bonus)” for?


What is the payroll code “(OB – Obnoxious Bonus)” for?

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My roommate works for Los Angeles City and when she does her time sheet, there is a plethora of codes to put in from HW for Hours Worked to SK for Sick, to PM for Preventative. However there is one that confuses her and her colleagues: OB for Obnoxious Bonus.

Has she considered asking her payroll department?

Most likely the code is for a bonus for working under “Obnoxious” conditions. There are certain kinds of duties that someone can perform which are outside of their normal line of work and which would deserve extra pay, and some of those kinds of duties can be particularly “obnoxious”.

For example suppose there is an accident with a large truck from a meat processing plant and some city workers suddenly are called on to shovel 40 tons of rotten pig assholes in 103°F heat for 6 hours to clear the road as soon as possible. That could be the sort of thing that calls for an “obnoxious bonus” code.


>Employees in any Unit class required to perform duties more than 50% of a work day
consisting of working on a ladder, scaffolding, a hydraulic lift platform, or working from a
scaffold or other device that is suspended by ropes or cables shall receive, for each day
so assigned, non-pensionable salary at the appropriate step of the second premium level
(5.5%) above the salary range prescribed for the class.

>Whenever an employee is performing duties over 50% of his/her time in any one day in
a sewer over five feet (5′) in depth consisting of timbering, shoring, tunneling, pipe laying
and concreting, the employee shall receive for each such day, non-pensionable salary at
the second premium level rate (5.5%) above the appropriate step of his/her salary range.

TL;DR – Working at heights, or in sewers is obnoxious.

In addition to others,

The word “obnoxious”, these days means “extremely offensive or unpleasant; very annoying”.

The word has an archaic meaning of “exposed or vulnerable to something, especially harm or injury”.

One could see that the “obnoxious bonus” is using the archaic meaning of the word.