What is the process that is happening which makes eyes look glassy (when high etc.)?


Like I get that blood vessels dilate and that’s why they go red, but what is the bodily process that’s occurring which makes them look glassy?

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tbh i dont pay to much attention to high eyes to judge; but could the larger/dilated pupils just increase the perception of glassyness because of the bigger pupil sitting behind the reflection rather than the iris being as large as usual?

(hypothesis following that speculation tho: dark irised people should look more glassy-eye than non-dark irised even off of weed….so maybe this doesnt hold.)

Similar to how marijuana makes your mouth dry, it also drys out your eyes. When the eyes get dry, we form temporary little microscopic scratches on the surface of the cornea, which is the clear dome over the eye(that covers the colored part of the eye).

Tears are important to coat the surface of the eye. There are two types of tears: Basal and Reflex. Basal tears are secreted and spread continuously by the eyes 24/7 and keep the eye surface moist. Reflex tears are those which are produced by pain, external stimulus or irritation.

In the instance of marijuana, your body senses irritation from the dryness/microscopic scratches and produces reflex tears. These reflex tears are analogous to the “emergency tears” and are produced in much greater volume that the basal tears. Your eyes look glassy because reflex tears pool near your lower eyelid. The dilation of the conjunctiva blood vessels are the cherry on top

So imagine you shit your pants. Now your underwear is covered in shit and your underwear looks shitty. Now you smoke pot, you make gloss out of your eyes that cover the eye making it look glossy. Same concept hope this helps bro