What is the psychological process behind “getting used to” something?


Sorry for this question to be worder poorly, I don’t even know how to ask it properly, so bear with me 😀

You don’t like something, but eventually you are getting used to it. You hate to see/hear something, but eventually you get used to it. In other words, something annoys you, but almost all the time after some time you don’t mind it.

Why is it like that? Is there any actual psychological process behind it? And if so, what is it?

(Another examples: You totally hate new design of your favorite website, but after a week, you don’t mind it anymore. / The voice of your favorite TV show character got changed and you totally hate it, but after few episodes, you don’t mind it anymore.)

In: Biology

Our brains tend to look for familiar things, and reject what’s unfamiliar. So when something changes and we aren’t prepared for it, our automatic response is usually to reject it. Then, we grow tolerance to the change, thus, getting used to it.

Your ability to accepting reality as she is while something is repeting in time create habits

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