What is the “vibration” type sound that comes out of lower voices and why does it only happen in people with lower voices?


My voice is slightly lower than usual (although i’ve actually never heard my own voice just been told) but why is it when listening to say… bass singers or baritones singing lower notes or when I hear myself speak through my head etc. That there is a “vibration” type sound that comes from the speaking/singing? I’m not even sure how to explain what I’m talking about here.

In: Biology

You may be vibarting tiny structures within your own head/body. Every object has a resonant frequency (q), and if you reproduce the same frequency that object will vibrate. I have a lower voice, and often feel my inner ears rattle if I project loud enough.

Lower sound waves are larger (peaks and valleys are farther apart) so they vibrate objects more noticeably and travel farther. High voices vibrate things it’s just so fast it isn’t as noticeable. This is why bass seems to be heard from farther away than treble.