What is torque in cars/vehicles? And why do pickups have such low hp but alot of torque?


What is torque in cars/vehicles? And why do pickups have such low hp but alot of torque?

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trucks have so much torque because they need to pull things, and some trucks are HEAVY. I can’t explain low horsepower.

Torque is a measure of rotational force. Horsepower is a measure of power to the wheels.

Torque helps your car get started from being stopped – i.e it’s job is initial acceleration. Horsepower helps your car to reach and maintain the speed you want.

For towing, torque is the most important. With low torque you’ll never get the vehicle moving if it’s towing too much. For speed, horsepower is more important because the higher horsepower vs weight a car has the faster it can go. So sports cars will generally have high horsepower for their weight.

Torque is the wrestler or weight lifter that can push your car from stopped, but once it’s moving isn’t really good at getting it to go fast. Horsepower is the sprinter or runner that’s able to push the moving car to go really fast, but isn’t strong / heavy enough to actually get it going from stopped.

Torque represents how easily a force can change the rotational moment of a given body. Pushing on a wrench at the base produces low torque, but push down at the handle and you’re producing more rotation for the same amount of force. That’s torque, and the same principle applies with car engines.

Pickup engines are tuned for torque because they’re used to pull heavy loads. Horsepower is a measure of the power an engine can supply, and is linked to both torque and RPM (how fast the engine works).

“Torque,” in general, is a measure of force applied to a rotating object. In the case of a car, the rotating object is the drive shaft, what comes out of the engine and transfers force to the wheels.

High torque means you can overcome a lot of resistance to motion; in the case of a pickup truck, that resistance is what you have piled in the flatbed or what you’re towing behind you. A vehicle that doesn’t have enough torque won’t be able to move if it’s loaded too heavily.

*Horsepower,* as the name implies, is a measure of power — work over time. In cars, it’s measured by multiplying engine torque by RPM — revolutions per minute, or how fast the drive shaft is spinning. If you have high torque, but your engine isn’t spinning very fast, you’ll end up with lower horsepower.

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The transmission & drive train can convert the engine’s power: either for speed (as in a race car), or torque (as in a truck hauling a heavy load).