what makes 2nd class stamped mail slower to deliver than 1st class?


Are there physically 2 ways to process the same mail in sorting offices, one is just slower? And what makes the 2nd class process actually cheaper?

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1st class is prioritised.

If you send a package on 2nd class it might chill at the post office for 1-2 working days before the mailing process begins (because they’re sorting out mail that came before yours) but with 1st class (providing you post it before the cut off time) it gets removed from the post office & the mailing process begins that same day.

Based on terminology, I’m assuming you’re in the UK. There used to be two different handling processes, there isn’t anymore. 2nd class is bulk mail that’s generally pre-stamped and mailmarked so it’s easier (and hence cheaper) for the postal system to handle.

Basically 1st class gets prioritised all the way including by being put onto flights. So with 1st class if the route calls for it it is definitely travelling by air, whereas 2nd class will only travel by air if there’s extra space otherwise it either has to wait until there is space or get sent by truck road freight instead.