What makes people from cold places more resilient to cold weather?


What makes people from cold places more resilient to cold weather?

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It’s all in the gene’s. There are specific gene’s you may have that help with cold weather survival. https://www.idtdna.com/pages/community/blog/post/why-am-i-always-so-cold

A lot of it is physiological acclimatization.

When humans are exposed to certain climates for extended periods of time, physiological changes occur to help the individual adapt to hot or cold climates. This helps the body conserve energy.

An example would be that the Inuit have more blood flowing into their extremities, and at a hotter temperature, than people living in warmer climates.

One response is cold habituation, or developing a decreased response to the cold. Specifically, our vasocontriction and shivering responses become blunted. This allows our core temperature to drop a little bit more than when unacclimated before we start to respond to the cold.

The next most common physiological adjustment is metabolic acclimation. People with metabolic acclimation have higher resting metabolic rates when in the cold. This allows them to maintain warmer skin temperature with less shivering when exposed to the cold.

TLDR; Actual physiological changes that adjust to cold weather/temperatures.

Not knowing/ having experience about the life in the worm climate.
The opposite witnessed with Finns, 20 degrees Celsius and they’re dying in the heat… for me, southern guy, it’s a bit fresh since heat for me starts from 33+