what makes the deflating balloon trajectory be like this?


Why is it so chaotic and unpredictable?

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1. The balloon exit wobbles, so the air outlet ‘wobbles’ too and gives the balloon an unpredictable trajectory.
2. When the air leaves the balloon, it is turbulent and enlargens the effect of ‘wobbling’.

The “nozzle” that is directing the propulsion is made of rubber and flip-flops all over the place the entire time, causing the air to shoot out at completely random directions for the entirety of the trip. It’s not controlled or stabilized in the slightest.

The balloon has a variable center of mass. As the balloon deflates, the center of mass changes position both due do the air leaving the balloon and the deformation of the balloon’s surface which is no longer being kept in tension due to the loss of pressure from the air inside it. This means that the forces being applied by the air exiting the balloon is can’t push direct through the center of mass making it twist and turn as it goes forward, which makes the balloon deform even more and changes the center of mass again, making it twist and deform even more.