what makes your dominant hand smarter than your off hand?


what makes your dominant hand smarter than your off hand?

In: Biology

We aren’t entirely sure, researchers believe there is a genetic link to why you are right or left hand dominant, but no one has 100% found the answer.

The theory for why dominant hands became a thing has two components. The first is that all motor controls have to be learned by the brain. Babies learn to sit up, to crawl, to walk, to run. At the same time they also learn how to pick stuff up, how to hold things, how to throw things. And the belief is that it is just easier for the brain to only do that and develop the pathways in the brain for one hand. You need both legs to walk, but you don’t necessarily need both arms to pick something up.

The second part of the question, which is if the brain picks a dominant hand, why are the majority of people right handed? In this case the theory is that as humans and our ancestors started learning how to make and use tools, it was evolutionarily beneficial if everyone used those tools with the same hand. Since making one set of tools that everyone can use is better than having to make multiples. But this is more of a theory is not really proven.

Because you use it more so your brain goes to the side that is most efficient. Greater use means greater efficiency… more efficiency means the brain chooses to use it… cycle reinforces itself unless you consciously work to train the other side.