What prevents NFT games from just running away with your money?


For example something like Axie Infinity or Cryptoblades, they are the developers of AXS or SKL, the currency. So what’s preventing them from just shutting down camp leaving with all the money you put into them?

This is kinda related to economics but this might be completely unrelated because NFT games are sorta new so

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Forget everything about NFTs and consider this question:

I bought a Rocket League cosmetic. What’s stopping the developers of Rocket League from shutting the servers down and pocketing my money?

All of jack and shit is the answer. It’s no different when your ownership of that asset is recorded in a blockchain.

Nothing. Game NFTs are basically premium in-game currencies with a new name. Like the premium currencies in most free-to-play games. The only real difference is the ability to buy from other players with them or cash them out at the game publisher’s discretion.