What stops a living body from decomposing or rotting?


What stops a living body from decomposing or rotting?

In: Biology

Its active immune system. Decomposition is just bacteria eating the tissue. If the tissue fights back, the bacteria doesn’t get to eat it.

Decomposition is caused by two major factors:

1. the breaking down of tissues by the body’s own internal chemicals and enzymes
2. the breakdown of tissue by bacteria and other microorganisms

A living body has defenses against these bacteria in the form of the immune system which repel these invaders through a combination of physical barriers and white blood cells. The enzymes and chemicals that breakdown the body tissues, in a process called **autolysis**, are released only after active processes in the cell come to an end.

The body does actively break down in way. Cells die and get replaced constantly, but while we are alive we have a waste system in place that takes care of the dead cells. When we die, there’s no replacing dead cells as there’s not nutrients, energy, etc to fuel those process or to sustain living cells so they die at an accelerated rate, along with the help of bacteria and other biological forces.