what trivium means


trivium , not the band but the learning concept, and why is that its no longer taught in schools

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Trivium means “three-way” and it’s still taught. It’s just grammar, dialectics and rhetoric. They should be part of your english class.

It still is, but its not presented like that any more.

It’s a bit less ‘formal’ than it used to be but the concepts are basically still ‘the 3 Rs’

They are taught in schools, just not in quite the same form. The trivium in classical education was three subjects – grammar, logic, and rhetoric. These three would be the foundation for the more difficult quadrivium – arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. Put these seven subjects together and you get the original seven liberal arts – a broad range of knowledge that isn’t specifically tailored to one trade or career.

We do still teach all of these, but we shake them up a bit. The foundations of grammar and rhetoric are taught to very young children, but formal logic has mostly been replaced by basic arithmetic, which uses logical principles in a practical way. And while music is an important art that a lot of people learn the basics of, astronomy has become a much more specialized field that not every student studies, beyond the basics.