what will happen if you plug in earphones at the loudest volume and then fall asleep. With regards to ear damage


If you use earphones for long, your ears risk getting damaged. Is the effect same if you plug them in and then fall asleep?

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Yes, there would still be hearing damage if you somehow managed to induce sleep in presence of loud sounds. The damage is in the form of wear of structures inside the ear and not the brain’s ability to interpret signals.

Your brain doesn’t just stop hearing sound all together and become deaf when you sleep, you just aren’t focused on sound
Like… If you play the TV, music from a laptop, and a video on your phone all at the same time and volume. If you focus your attention on one of them, it will be louder than the rest. The rest of them didn’t just magically turn down their volumes for you specifically, you just aren’t paying attention to it

That’s also why paying attention to noise makes it so difficult to sleep, you can’t go into the subconscious if you are conscious