whats a quit claim deed


found a document from my mom (78 y/0 paid off home in NYS) to my uncle (70 y/0 lives/ owns a huge home in washington state)

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Generally, quitclaim means the grantor relinquishes rights/ownership of property/easement to grantee. The specifics of the quitclaim depends on the exact language contained in the deed. For example, if the deed notes that “Grantor quitclaims existing easement for access/utility rights, located on Parcel/APN ‘XYZ,’ whereas said parcel is owned by Grantee,” that means the Grantor is giving up their rights/authority for access/utility purposes on that parcel, or at least the portion of the parcel encumbered by the easement (assuming there are multiple different easements).

Hope that helps

A legal document where a party indicates they give up any ownership or claim to a property.

A quitclaim deed is a deed a transfer of real estate where the seller makes no guarantees as the validity of the title. In other words, it’s possible that someone else has a claim on that land or there’s some other issue with the title such as a lien, an easement, or something else. The seller is saying “it’s on you if there’s a problem with the title.”

Quitclaim deeds are somewhat common between family members because presumably you trust them enough not to transfer land to you that has a title defect. Since this was from your mom to your uncle, the title is probably ok, but if you have concerns, you can run a title search or speak to a real estate attorney in Washington.