What’s gone difference between satire and parody?



What’s gone difference between satire and parody?

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Parody is mocking something or spinning it in a comical way. It can be broad and dumb or sharp and witty.
Like an SNL sketch.

Satire is usually deeper and is used to draw attention to a wrong in society. It is usually very clever and biting.
Like A Modest Proposal.

Parody is a form of satire.

Satire is the general use of any of a number of methods to demean or shame the subject, whether humorously and good natured or not. This could be achieved through a number of different means and media, of which parody is a specific kind.

Parody itself is imitating or directly referencing the subject in a comedic or ironic way in a satirical manner- that is, it makes fun of or demeans the subject being parodied.

* Parody: Making fun of a cultural thing by imitating that thing specifically.
* Example: Making fun of the song *Poker Face* by changing the words.
* Satire: Making fun of a cultural thing using some *other, different* cultural thing.
* Example: Making fun of Donald Trump by changing the words to *Poker Face*.

Great answers so far but I want to give some examples. Scary Movie (by the Wayan brothers) is a parody. It’s intentionally mocking horror films by using exaggerated forms of some of the tropes of the horror genre. It’s a comedy that is set in the same world as a horror movie. Starship Troopers is satire. On the surface it seems like a regular action sci fi movie. But if you pay attention it’s a satirical view of modern society. Satire is often not directly referring to the thing it’s critical of. Starship Troopers was making commentary on present-day Earth, but it was set in the future so you never actually saw the things they were criticizing. You had to connect the dots between what was happening in that setting to our world. Parody often references what it’s making fun of directly. One more point: satire typically mocks human behavior while parody is usually art that mocks other art or artists.

Parody is an imitation of something for the purposes of comedic commentary of the original item, usually for the purposes of entertainment.

Satire is the use of ridicule in a creative work to examine a subject, usually for the purposes of social criticism. The ridicule is usually humorous, and can include parody.