what’s the difference between a CAM and a CF in football?


Is it just that the CF doesn’t run back to defend so often? Or at all? Or they can perform the same tasks, and the title will change depending on the formation?

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The center attacking midfielder (CAM) is a midfielder. But they play farther up so they are more involved in the offense, but are still behind the forwards. So they are pretty much the field general on offense. They are in charge of distributing the ball and creating scoring opportunities.

The center forward (CF) is largely meant to score goals. Headers, volleys, etc from crosses, or breakaway opportunities. These are the guys that get most of the scoring chances.

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The CF is usually the furthest man upfield for a team. Also sometimes called the target man, he is expected to receive passes, crosses or through balls and convert those chances into goals.

The CAM is a more attacking minded midfielder that, while doing his job as a midfielder also plays an important role in attack by creating chances and sometimes also trying his own luck at goal.