What’s the difference between a novel and a screenplay


I’m trying to buy a book but they only offer the screenplay version and I’m not sure if it’s different from the actual novel or not.

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Screenplays are not really intended to be read by the public. They’re basically just a plan for a movie. A novel is intended to be read for entertainment, as an end unto itself

What book is it?

A screenplay is the script they would use to make a movie. All the dialogue for the actors and what actions they need to take are written in a very specific style. You can read it like a book, but they’re not really meant to be consumed that way.

It’s completely different. A screenplay has stage direction, and it will tell a different story than the novel.

A screenplay is just a movie script.

The novel is meant to be read as stand alone a book. The screenplay is meant to be read as a script for TV/film. They differ in format fairly significantly.