What’s the difference between cellulitis and cysts when compared to normal acne?


My understanding is that both cellulitis and cysts are technically acne, but they are worse than normal acne. How much worse are they? How much are they related and how are they different?

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**Acne** is when your skin gets red bumps, also known as pimples, that can be filled with pus.

**Cellulitis** is a type of skin infection that is caused by bacteria. It can happen anywhere on the body, but it usually happens on the legs, arms, or face. Cellulitis makes your skin red, swollen, and tender, and it can be very painful.

A **cyst** is a kind of bump that’s under the skin and it’s filled with fluid or other material. It’s usually not painful, but it can look different than a pimple.
So, if you have acne, you’ll have red bumps on your skin that can be filled with pus.

If you have cellulitis, you’ll have red, swollen and painful skin on your face, arms or legs.

And if you have cysts, you’ll have bumps under your skin that might not be painful but look different than a pimple.