what’s the difference between monthly eye contacts and weekly eye contacts?


Like why does one pair last longer than the other pair?

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Pretty much the difference between a plastic fork and a metal one… kinda. Obviously the monthly you don’t keep indefinitely like you would keep silverware, but it’s just that one is made to be reused over a longer period of time.

If a follow-up question is: Which is better or which should you use? Whichever you think works best for you or you like more.

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Pretty much all contacts degrade over time, and that’s identified by the Monthly/Weekly/Daily marked on them.

You *could* wear them longer, but it is **not** recommended to do so. Between the reduction in prescription efficiency and the degeneration of the physical contact itself, it generally doesn’t turn out so well if done so for extended periods beyond their life expectancy.


Whoops, noticed the extra question at the bottom.

How long they last is decided when they’re produced, primarily to suit the differing needs of the person who is getting them. Also worth noting, the longer they last, the thicker they’ll be. Sometimes monthly ones are just to unbearable, so thinner daily ones might be chosen.

I was given a monthly set to start, but with my work environment being the way it is, I can’t wear them every day. Because of that, they just sat in the case untill they expired.

So, I got a pack of daily ones instead, so on the rare occasions I do use them instead of glasses, I don’t need to worry about wasting an expensive pair of monthly contacts for a single instance of use.

It’s worth noting also that contacts have a pretty decent shelf-life if unopened. Several years in proper storage. Their clock doesn’t really start ticking untill they’ve hit the air for the first time.