What’s the difference between mythology and folklore? Thank you!



What’s the difference between mythology and folklore? Thank you!

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Mythology is Gods etc where as folklore tends to be supernatural stuff but not gods as such.

That’s a very basic explanation.

I think mythology implies more that it’s religious views, whereas folklore is like supernatural stories of a region that don’t necessarily constitute a religion. Zeus is mythology, Bigfoot is folklore.

Mythology is just a religion that doesn’t have any followers any more. Folklore is a group of stories which are set around a particular theme to tell a message.

When Marvel Comics makes a movie about an emo, billionaire Jesus who fights organized crime in Jerusalem with nothing but his fists and help from his heavenly father you’ll know Christianity has passed from Religion to Mythology.

ugh… So many bad answers…

Folklore is the collection of all traditions of some group of people. Songs, stories, games, proverbs, etc.

Myth is a type of folklore. To be more precise, is any narrative shared among a group of people that explains something about how the world is now.

Mythology is the collection of myths from some particular group of people.