Whats the difference in muscle growth when training for strength or for endurance?


If you can train your muscle endurance with longer and lighter sessions and maximum strenght with high intensity, whats the (physical) difference in our muscles?

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High intensity power lifting will build muscle bulk. This is important for anyone, but especially those middle, aged and older for preventing injuries. It also feels great to have large well defined muscles. In my day, I used to get lots of compliments, often from the opposite sex.

Doing high percentage, lower weight workouts will also help prevent injuries and builds leaner and longer muscles. This helps in sports like track and field, baseball, soccer, etc. What is more important then how much weight you can lift is agility. Can you do push-ups? Can you do sit ups? Can you do pull ups? This is what they, focus on at Boot Camp in the military. I work with a woman who is a tiny little thing. But she was a competitive gymnast who can do more push-ups than I could ever dream of, and can do a ridiculous amount of pull ups. She is also a black belt in taekwondo.

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Fast twitch versus slow twitch muscle fibers.

I can’t explain in detail on the phone, but…

Skeletal muscles are attached to bones. You control them, unlike other muscles such as the heart that you don’t actively control.

All muscles have both fast and slow twitch fibers, but the ratio optimizes what they are for.

Slow twitch are all about aerobic energy generation– they use oxygen to get energy. They are good for cardio. They generate energy over a long period of time.

Fast twitch is about applying more force quickly– it’s more anaerobic, generating energy without oxygen. I think they are denser. These get tired easier but generate force for things like weight lifting.

I think there are subcategories too but I don’t recall.