What’s the point of making people turn off their adblocker?


Many websites make you and many YouTubers ask you to. I don’t see the point because I’m not going to click on the ads and buy the product or service anyway. Or do ads somehow make money simply being looked at?

In: Economics

People tell you to turn off adblocker because, A) you might be interested in an item that’s being advertised, or B) people get paid to even have up ads

I suspect some websites have systems that detect adblocker and consider the ads not shown. YouTube on top of that measures how long you’re looking at the advertisement videos. So when you’re watching your favourite YouTuber’s content, consider watching the entire ads to support their channel.

My wife works in advertising as a data analyst. Websites get paid for ads viewed, it’s their incentive to get them displayed. If you block the ad, they don’t get paid. You’re affecting their zero-effort bottom line.

It’s like billboards. They’re there, and they want you to see it. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t. Maybe you buy, maybe you don’t. But the more people that see it, the better. That’s why there’s so many billboards everywhere and so many ads online :/

The ads make money for being shown, and also for being clicked on. The point of turning off adblockers is to show you ads.

You’re not going to click, but ads have been around for a long time, and by now there are statistics that show that a certain percentage of people DO click. It’s a very low percentage, but it’s consistent enough that it lets them get funded based on how many people “look at”.

Again, because “look at” is directly proportional to “click on”, even if you personally don’t do it.