Whats the purpose of a table read?


I’m seeing a lot of posts from The Last Watch documentary which shows the actors reading through each episodes script

Is the point of this to make sure every actor has actually read the script before they begin shooting?

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They do this so that everyone gets an idea of how the story will play out with all of the characters/actors together. They figure out if certain lines work or if jokes make sense, and they can do rewrites at the same time.

* It’s the first time the cast and crew have assembled, so it can serve as a general meeting to discuss what the film/episode/play is going to be about and the goal of the production overall
* It allows everyone involved to see what the project is going to be and what their role in it is
* It allows the actors a chance to see how their role will fit into the project and how they interact with the rest of the cast
* It allows the producers a chance to see how the actors fit into the project, whether they’ve cast it correctly, etc.
* It allows the writers a chance to see their work performed for the first time, which lets them see it from a different angle and identify trouble spots they might have missed