what’s the scientific reason behind blue balls


Recently went on a pretty intense date, when home with painful blue balls and now I’m curious what actually goes on

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Wait what? I’ve lived my entire life thinking “blue balls” was just a euphemism for sexual frustration or a “so close” frustration. It can cause physical pain???

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It’s known scientifically as epidydimal hypertension


Basically, the blood flows to the penis and testicles causing everything to enlarge. The pathway for ejaculation is also prepared by expanding and producing fluids. If you don’t ejaculate this pressure can last for too long and cause physical pain. The testicles may also show a blue color due to the excess blood. The pain eases after relaxing for a while, but ejaculation is the fastest way to relief.

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it’s when our precious bodily fluids aren’t allowed to properly express themselves, leading to over pressure.

Basically, the blood flows in but isn’t allowed to flow out properly, leading to that feeling.