What’s the UK’s modern relationship to Canada and Australia?


Why does Canada have the queen on their money? Australia’s flag? As an American another countries figures on your countries money / flag is strange.

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Canada has the Queen of Canada on their money. She also happens to be the Queen of the United Kingdom – she’s the ultimate multi tasker.

The UK is still a friend, still many British-born citizens, many ‘old country’ traditions – particularly in the Maritimes, N&L, rural Ontario, BC.

Australia and Canada are part of the Commonwealth. Elizabeth 2 is the Queen of Australia and Canada. Along with many other countries. Many traditions are ‘British’. Most Australians are of UK decent. Australia has a very friendly sporting rivalry with the UK.

They are in a “personal union”.

What that means is they are all constitutional monarchies, which have the same person as their monarch.

The UK doesn’t rule over them or anything like that though. They are all independent nations who just “happen” to have the same monarch.

Obviously the reason they do share the UK’s monarch is because they used to be ruled by Britain. But they gained independence by mutual agreement, and so far have decided to keep the monarchy.

Technically being ‘Queen of Canada’ or ‘Queen of Australia’ is a separate “job” to being Queen of the UK. In practice the actual head of state duties are left to each country’s Governor General (except the UK), but the Queen remains the official head of state.

They are also all members of the Commonwealth of Nations, however only 16 of the 53 members share the UK’s monarchy. These 16 are known as the Commonwealth Realms.

> As an American another countries figures on your countries money / flag is strange.

Just on this part, while the US had a pretty “hard break up” with the Great Britain, Canada on the other hand had a quite agreeable, peaceful, and close relationship with Britain (later UK) being exceptionally closely aligned with them during the period(s) which they became independent, and afterwards (Canadian Independence is a complicated timeline). Despite being independent, they were still a major part of the British Commonwealth

A number of former British colonies are part of an association known as the commonwealth. It’s not a military or diplomatic alliance like NATO but they do collaborate on things.

One of the ideas is that the Queen is still the head of state for commonwealth nations even if she has no political power. That’s why she’s on the money.

Even though the USA is a former colony it’s not part of the commonwealth. Neither is Ireland and a few other former colonies.